How to have a successful Upwork Profile

My freelancing tip No. 2:

As a newbie online freelancer, I knew it from the bottom of your heart that you desire to have success in creating your online profile, especially in Upwork platform. Your desires are to create the stunning profile, find jobs that fall on your specific skills and submit proposals, receive positive replies from the clients and finally having your FIRST ever Upwork contract.

But before you can win your first contract you need to do the job first of creating a 100% Upwork freelancer profile.

As I noticed recently, Upwork has been more strict when it comes to new freelancer profile screening.

Have you received an email like this:


If yes, you are not alone. Don’t give up. As the quote said, “there is no glory without pain/work”. You can beat this small challenge. Promise.

How to overcome this? Kindly go back to your profile and be very mindful and careful on what are the information you input there. Try to write your profile in the draft using Microsoft word. In this way, you can able to write, read and rewrite it again and please save it for future reference or use.

Now here are the tips:


Please upload a high-quality photo. The image must be a face and shoulder focus. It should be in high pixels. If you don’t have one, I suggest to visits the photo booth or your neighborhood photographer wherein you will pay him below $1 I guess. Ask from him the soft copy of your image and try to save it in USB. Why I suggest your neighborhood photographer because most of them use high-end cameras that will result to high pixels images.

Guide to your perfect profile picture


This is one of the most important information to consider in creating your profile because these are the first words that the clients see in your profile.

How to create your profile title


This is where you write your expertise and experiences that you are going to offer to your future clients. 


Keep this section focus on your category-specific skills and place the most vital info first.

Only the primary 2 or 3 sentences appear in search results so make sure to use it so that you can able to get the clients attention.

Add your profile overview


At the moment, I do not have a profile video yet but I am planning to do it soon.

Many have said that it is effective to create an introduction video of at least 30 seconds.

Video on your Upwork freelancer profile


Write down your top skills and it should be consistent with your category and title.

Add skills to your freelancer profile


This is also important to your profile. This is what I called “samples of my work” that are related to the skills I have to write down in my title, overview, and skills.

Profile Portfolios

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio


List all your earned certifications here to show your specific knowledge for what you have listed above.

Add Certifications to Your Freelancer Profile


Your employment experiences will give clients ideas into your past projects and qualifications. Include your current projects on Upwork as well as previous work experience. You can use bullet points to pinpoint specific projects that were relevant to your expertise.

Add Employment History to Your Freelancer Profile


Your education can further enhance your profile by validating your credentials and educational background.

In cases where you do not have formal education, consider adding all informal and self-taught education in the “Other Experiences” section. Completing this can help validate your background and increase your client’s trust in your work.

Add Education to Your Freelancer Profile


You need to take the Upwork tests. You have the options of what are the kind of test you are going to take. Take the test as soon as possible but prepare yourself first.

From Upwork blog:

Maximize the effectiveness of your profile by being simple yet specific. Be proactive in updating your profile routinely with new experiences and content that will improve your qualifications and help you land more jobs.

Enhance Your Upwork Freelancer Profile for Greater Success

I hope I give you insights in making your Upwork Profile 100% complete.

And always keep in touch and follow my blog because I am going to give tutorials soon.

Have a great day.




How to Create an Upwork Profile

My freelancing tip No. 1 – How to create an Upwork Profile

When my freelancer journey started, I focus then on having an online profile and I chose Upwork since I heard about this while I was taking the short course training for Virtual Assistance.

Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.


Now, let’s start to create an Upwork profile:


You have to create an email using the Google mail or Gmail. This email account is very necessary  and once you have a Gmail account you can access all the free features that Google has to offer.


On your browser open this site:


Select the I’m looking for online work.


You have the option to sign up Upwork using your Facebook and LinkedIn, but I haven’t tried it that’s why I do not have the info of what’s the difference. So far, to sign up using the Gmail address works best for me.

After you supplied all the relevant information please click Get Started.

Capture 3a

Then you see the screen above wherein you need to verify your email. You can find it in your Gmail inbox. All you have to do is to click the URL link they sent to you.

After you click the URL link, it will start now to create your Upwork profile. This is a very necessary step so that you can find and apply jobs that are applicable to your skills.

Click Create my Profile.


You can see below the different categories of skills. I highlighted the Admin Support since the Data Entry, Web research falls under this category.


I just click the skills that I am familiar with. These are my primary skills wherein I have the confidence to perform.


You will see the screen as this:


You can link your social media accounts here:



Add your professional looking photo. Upwork recommendation that you have to upload the photo that only includes your head, neck, and shoulders.

Job title: You can use the example below but you can update this anytime.

Example: Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Web Research

Overview example:

I have an experience with Virtual Assistance, Web research, and Data Entry. I am knowledgeable in using the Microsoft Excel and Word.

I am a fast learner and very hungry to learn new skills to make me more competitive.

I can work without supervision and can submit projects within the given deadline.


Skills: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Apps, Google Docs

English Proficiency: I chose Conversational

Availability to work: full time 30+ hours; less than 30+ hours -part time


Select: Entry level


Filled up Employment history and Education. If you have certifications you can add and supply the details.


As a newbie being a freelance, you can skip portfolio at the moment. Click save and continue.


Here you are now in final details.


As a beginner, you can set your hourly rate to $4 -$4.50 per hour. Upwork will deduct 20% from your gross income, so your net will only be 80% from the gross. But anytime, you can adjust your hourly rate after your first client work.


Filled out your location info, this is necessary. And click save and continue.


After you save and continue, you can submit your profile for review.